What We Do

Redemption Coffeehouse & Salvage is a locally owned coffeehouse and salvaged furniture & decor shop. Owners, Abigail Yocca & Terrie Newton combine their life passions of health, design & hospitality into one beautiful, delicious & welcoming experience. This mother-daughter team share the dream of serving others through offering them a place to eat, drink & look for a perfect new addition to their home or gift for someone special. Abigail heads up the coffeeshop side with her love of delicious food, nutrition & of course, coffee. Terrie is the mastermind behind the Salvage portion of our operation; her love and ability for redeeming old, worn-out, and used items into gorgeous furnishings and decorations can’t be beat. Although each of them have their strongsuit, both of them are passionate about delicious food, nutrition, and design. Both Abigail & Terrie will be seen in both aspects of the business.

Who We Are

Mother and Daughter
Terrie Newton is owner and curator of Redemption Coffeehouse and salvage. She is a Claysville native, having attended McGuffey High school. She went to Grove City College and graduated with a business degree. Her creative eye is responsible for the beautiful decor and salvaged furniture at the shop. Her passion for redeeming and restoring buildings and furniture has led her to opening Redemption with her daughter Abigail. Stop in anytime to talk with Terrie about what she’s currently up to and fall in love with the vision and salvaged items she’s offering.

Abigail Yocca is a Claysville local who grew up in the area and graduated from Mcguffey High School. While in high school she was a barista and gained an affinity for all things coffee. Abbey attended Washington & Jefferson college; while near the end of her time at W&J she decided against her career path of Chiropractic and instead graduated and started a family. Her passions for nutrition and hospitality led her to open Redemption Coffeehouse & Salvage; she is committed to changing people’s views of healthy food and providing Claysville with a unique place to hangout. Abbey is extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of health topics and is the driving force behind the creativity and healthy choices made at the coffeehouse and at home. Stop in to pick her brain and learn the method behind her madness.

Why We’re Here

We do things a little differently at Redemption. We buy organic, we eliminate refined sugar, we use gluten free flour, we source responsibly and we work hard to make sure you can’t tell the difference. This is what gets us up in the morning; serving you food that, we believe, can change your life.

Our mission is to redeem an industry that has been serving chemicals & excessive sugar in our food and passing it off as high-quality.

It was always a challenge for us to find a place that offered the delicious food we love without all the guilt of eating unhealthy.

We want to transform people’s lives by offering convenient, healthy food. Teach people about health and why it is important to eat organic, reduce sugar in diet, & look at the harms of refined gluten. We believe we are serving food that isn’t negatively impacting your health; it’s actually good for you. You shouldn’t have to settle for the empty, processed, & unhealthy food that other places try to serve you. You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to work out after eating a pastry. You shouldn’t feel bloated and fatigued after eating.

We believe healthy eating will change your life, giving you more freedom to do the things you love.